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Environmental Solutions for the Fuel Industry

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Section 24G Applications

In terms of the Bill of Rights included in the Constitution of South Africa, the citizens of South Africa has the right to have the environment protected and to live in an environment that is not harmful to human health or well-being. One of the legal instruments developed to ensure that this right is given effect to, is the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) regulations promulgated in terms of the Environment Conservation Act in 1997.


Compliance Reports

The CCO is responsible for establishing company-wide standards and implementing procedures to ensure that an organization’s compliance programs can effectively and efficiently identify, prevent, detect and correct issues of noncompliance with applicable laws, regulations, industry standards or company policies


Status Que Reports

Status Quo Report relate to the compilation of information and issues in a compressed manner in order to produce a reporting working document. The SQR should contain components such as a Problem Statement, Objective of the study and the Methodology used during the gathering of information.


Audit Reports (EMPr)

Regulation 34 of the 2014 EIA Regulations require that an environmental authorisation (including similar authorisations in terms of specific environmental management acts), EMPr and closure plan (where applicable) must be audited by an independent party with the relevant environmental auditing expertise and the environmental audit report must be submitted to the Department of Environmental Affairs.

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